Broken Toys, Broken Hearts
Karla. Age 12. San Pablo, California

It was a warm spring afternoon and Izzy was playing with her toys in her bedroom. Her bedroom had pink walls and stars on the roof that glowed in the dark whenever she fell asleep. Izzy had a lot of toys including a tea cup set, a Frozen dollhouse, and stuffed animals that were scattered all over the house.

“Izzy...come get your toys from the living room right now!”


Izzy went to go clean the living room because she had her stuffed animals all over the floor.

“Izzy… You have to take care of your toys.”

“I know, Mom,” she said in an annoyed voice.

When Izzy has to clean up and put her toys away, she usually kicks her stuffed animals into the closet while stepping over her tea cup set that stays on the ground. The next thing you notice is that she leaves them lying on the floor all broken into little pieces.

The next day Izzy was begging her mom to take her to the mall to buy new toys because she didn’t want her old toys. Izzy’s mom didn’t want to take her because she didn’t take care of her toys anyway. Izzy kept on bothering her mom about it until finally they went to the mall.

“Yay! We’re here!”

Izzy was so desperate that she left her mom behind.

“Izzy, wait up!”

They eventually spotted each other in the toy section. There you could see a lot of toys down the aisles. Bright lights shone all over the place, and the toys were perfectly neat on each shelf. Izzy picked out all of her toys. She picked two stuffed teddy bears, another enormous castle, a tea cup set (since she broke the other one), and a few dolls to play with on her castle.

While Izzy and her mom were at the mall, the toys came to life! They were discussing Izzy. Meanwhile, Izzy’s mom was flabbergasted because Izzy had chosen so many toys.

“Izzy, those are too many toys.”

“But Mom, you said that I could get all the toys I wanted,” Izzy whined.

“That’s true. Okay, I’ll get them for you, only because I don’t want you to bother me again!” Izzy’s mom mumbled that last part.

“Yay! New toys!” Izzy exclaimed.

When the toys finished discussing Izzy, they started talking about something else. A shrivelled up teddy bear said that they had two choices.

“Guys, we have to make a decision,” the teddy bear said. “We can either stay and be thrown away or we can leave and find a new home.”

Although they took a lot of time thinking about it, they knew the final answer. They were leaving because they didn’t want to be thrown away. Off they went to look for a new home.

Now the bad thing was that they didn’t know where to go. Even when people want to leave, they don’t always know where to go. The toys stayed in Izzy’s backyard, but they made sure that neither Izzy nor anybody else would see them. So, they tried to hide near the plants.

“We have to be very quiet,” said one of the toys.

One of the teddy bears stepped on a stick. Luckily, nobody heard.

When Izzy got home, she realized that her toys were gone.

“Mommy! My toys are missing!”

“Calm down, Izzy. They will return.”


Izzy was very upset. She was like a hungry chick looking for something to eat. Izzy eventually found her toys and promised to take care of them forever and ever. She even said that she had brought new friends for her other toys. From that day on, Izzy always took good care of her toys.

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