Dear Editor
Gonzalo. Age 11. San Pablo, California

Dear Editor,

There are many students and parents that say Mr. Howard is a great teacher: 90% say he is, 10% say he is not. He makes his students study for a geography quiz, he makes parents sign reading logs. Here’s why 30 parents say yes and 3 parents say no.

First of all, Mr. Howard is mean because he makes you come back at recess. When Mr. Howard does not get what he wants, he gets mad. When Mr. Howard does not teach right, students get mad too. This shows that Mr. H is not a great teacher.

Another thing to consider is that Mr. H wants you to do your best. While he is teaching and he sees people not doing their work, he sends them to the back.

Finally, parents think he is a great teacher because he makes you study for a long time for a math test. When Mr. Howard leaves report cards, he is interested in parents checking off the completion of every assignment. He wants parents to see what is going on. This demonstrates that parents think he is a good teacher.

Some people think that Mr. H is a responsible teacher. However, others think Mr. Howard is a bad teacher because he gives a lot of homework. Mr. H expects a lot of you. The homework needs to be done the next day. The work is so hard, but he sometimes teaches us how to do it.

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