The Fun and Brief Life of a Unicorn and a Zebra
Lizbeth. Age 11. Richmond, California

One day on Barrington Island, a little six-year-old girl by the name of Shelby sat on her bed daydreaming. She had long black hair, blue eyes, pale skin and wore a yellow flower dress with white sandals. Shelby’s mom walked into her bright pink bedroom, with paper and crayons in her hand. “I bought you some paper and crayons so you won't be bored!” her mother said with excitement.

“Thank you, Mom!” Shelby replied happily.

The next thing Shelby did was draw her favorite animals in the world, a zebra and a unicorn. She named the zebra Zoe and the unicorn Pearl. After she finished drawing her black and white zebra and a very colorful unicorn, she needed a snack. Shelby ran down the stairs into the kitchen. “MOM! Can you make me a snack?!” Shelby yelled.

“Okay what kind of snack, Shelby?” her mother replied.

“Can I have a ham and cheese sandwich?” Shelby asked politely.

Shelby knew her mom wouldn't let her make her sandwich herself because she might cut herself making it. Shelby didn't want to argue at the time. While Shelby was waiting for her sandwich in the kitchen, two characters from the piece of paper began to sparkle: Pearl and Zoe came to life.

“Look at us! We’re so beautiful!” says Pearl.

“Yes! You’re right! We ARE beautiful!” says Zoe.

“We should go before the girl that drew us comes back. I don't want to stay on this paper,” says Pearl.

“Me neither,” says Zoe.

Then Zoe and Pearl walked off the paper they were drawn on and jumped out the window of the pink bedroom. They eventually walked towards the town center, where people began staring at them like they were crazy.

“Why are people staring at us funny?” Zoe asks.

“Are they jealous of our beautiful looks?” Pearl responds.

As Pearl and Zoe ran behind a building, they saw a bridge, a very tall bridge that was the color silver. Pearl pointed at the bridge as she pulled on Zoe’s leg. As they were running towards the bridge, they spotted an abandoned car. “Just saying, I don't know how to drive,” said Zoe.
“We can just walk,” said Pearl.

A couple of hours later and after lots of walking, they finally found the perfect land. There was a sign that said, “Welcome to Florida.”

“We found a place called Florida,” said Zoe.

They were walking behind buildings so people couldn't see them. A few hours later they ended up in the woods. Pearl walked off.

“Hey, look at this flow-” Zoe said, stopping herself as she looked to her side. “Pearl where did you go???” Zoe said, walking around.

As Zoe was walking, she spotted a shimmering thing in the distance, so she ran towards it. It was a flower. She picked it up and kept running. Then she bumped into a tree and fainted.

“Hello...are you awake?” Pearl said, slapping Zoe’s face lightly.

“WHERE AM I?” Zoe yelled while waking up.

“We are in the woods and saw a neighborhood a couple of minutes away,” Pearl said.

They walked to the neighborhood that had nice big two-story homes and big backyards. Zoe and Pearl spot a home so they hide behind it. “How about we stay here?” Pearl said.

“Sure!” Zoe responded.

As they were trying to sneak into the house, a dog came up behind them and started barking. “Run! Run! Run! Go inside!” Zoe said.

Zoe followed Pearl into a pink bedroom that was full of drawings, toys and Barbies. As Zoe and Pearl walked onto the counter, they turned into stuffed animals.

Shelby, the new owner of Pearl and Zoe, came into her room and saw her new toys and hugged them as hard as she could. Now Pearl and Zoe loved their new home because there were lots of toys to be with.

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