The Legend of the Dogs (A New Greek Myth)
Gregory. Age 12. San Pablo, California

Long ago on Mount Olympus, Zeus was on the top thinking of his past and who would ever come to his level in power. Zeus was greedy of the power that he had. Zeus then heard someone behind him. It was Ares.

“Zeus, I've been receiving reports from Hermes that there is some young man named Hyphen Maxwill on a rampage with pride,” Ares said. “Also there are rumours that he is said to control lightning like you and he is up for a challenge against us gods,” Ares said.

“What! I will give a quick scout in the villages. If I don't find him, I'll leave him in your hands,” Zeus said with anger all around him.

Ares had gotten permission to let Hyphen Maxwill be in his hands, but first Zeus was going to do a quick scout. The hot day came, as if we were all being cooked in the oven. Hyphen was coming back from his adventure of getting the legendary crystal sword. Zeus went to the village in the leaves in disguise as an old man. He looked around to see if Hyphen was there, but Zeus left before Hyphen got to the village.

A guard from the village asked Hyphen his name, as Hyphen was usually in a disguise. “I work in a swordsmen’s shop in this village,” Hyphen said. Hyphen didn't have an idea for a fake name, so he just said that. The guard let Hyphen go into the village. Hyphen headed towards his swordsmen’s shop where he created special tools for others.

Soon, the village received a note from a stranger saying, “A young man formerly named Hyphen Maxwill has been wandering around village to village. Keep an eye out at all times. If he is seen, report the suspect to headquarters.”

In one of Hyphen’s battles, the other enemy survived and gave reports to villages to watch out for him. But Sasuke wasn't the bad one, for now Hyphen was wanted throughout villages. Also, Hyphen had a bounty on his head now. A bounty can be set on wanted criminals: whoever kills the wanted criminal gets a reward. Soon Hyphen began receiving knocks on his door. His door began to sound like a screaming alarm.
After around six knocks, people began to get suspicious. Soon he began receive knocks from the headquarters assistants. Headquarters assistants are special people that are allowed to do what they want. Later that day Hyphen made a run for it to the west gate of the village.

There were guards at the gate to freedom. Hyphen pulled out his legendary sword. The legendary sword was as heavy as a big a stack of gold. Right before Hyphen was about the leave the village, the leader of the village showed up in front of him. The leader of the village was named Alex Sharks, known because of his speed and intelligence. At the moment a fast-paced battle began. Hyphen to the right of Alex, jumped in the air, and tried striking with a stab in the back. Alex dodged it like nothing; Hyphen was in shock.

“So the guy who is said to control lightning is more powerful than I thought” Alex said.

“You think you can take me down? I'm as powerful as one of the gods. I'm even up to a challenge against them,” Hyphen said.

“You wouldn't even stand a chance against a god!” Alex said.

Hyphen ran fast and punched Alex up into the air and jumped up and gave him a punch in the back. After that, his hand hurt as if he had a broken bone. Alex shouted, “Reinforcements!” A swarm of soldiers came rushing towards Hyphen. Hyphen thought he was dead. But, out of nowhere, lightning came down in an instant and struck all the soldiers and left a clear path for Hyphen to leave the village. Hyphen’s hideout was on Mount Olympus.

It's supposed to be impossible to get to the top of the mountain, but Hyphen knew about a secret route to the mountain. Hyphen had been working on that secret route for more than two years, but he had finally accomplished it a couple months ago. Hyphen made it to the top, where the view was incredible. He got prepared for battle and got gear.

Hyphen heard a loud shout near his surroundings. Hyphen went back outside, and he saw a cage. In the cage there was a young man, trapped. He looked at the person in the cage, and he remembered he had seen that face on a bounty poster. Hyphen knew that the guy in the cage had a bounty on his head and he’d been caught. He ran towards him to save him. Hyphen counted all the guards. There were twenty in total. He took them out one by one until every single one of them was gone.

Hyphen opened the cage and said, “What’s your name?”

“My name is William Sharks,” William said.

“Are you related to Alex Sharks?” Hyphen asked.

“Yes, he's my father. He's been trying to hunt me down and kill me too,” William said.

“Well, let's just say I had a battle with him earlier,” Hyphen said.

“Do you have a bounty?” Hyphen said.

“Yes,” William said.

‘I do too” Hyphen said.

After their conversation, they headed to the secret path to the top of Mount Olympus. “Where does this take us?” William said.

“This takes us to the top of Mount Olympus,” Hyphen said.

William and Hyphen made it to Hyphen’s hideout on Mount Olympus. William was impressed by everything he had, but the truth was the hideout they were in was Ares’ room. There were several different armour stands. Ares was secretly in one getting really mad that he had intruders in Mount Olympus. Hyphen told him to grab the gear in the corner. Ares was right next to the armour that William was about to grab. Ares dropped his sword by accident, and Hyphen and William got a bit scared.

WIlliam looked at the sword and picked it up and took it. William headed out first. William saw soldiers in the distance; then he saw his father, Alex. Alex had seen William too. They all made his way towards him. Alex ran with a gold sword to try and battle William. Hyphen showed up just in time and saved William's life. Hyphen and Alex were going to fight again. Hyphen was in the air when Alex jumped and attempted to stab Hyphen. Hyphen turned and shoved his sword into Alex then kicked him down to the ground. William was being held hostage by the other soldiers, but William escaped from them and ran towards Hyphen. Hyphen had killed Alex, so only the soldiers were left. Although their leader was dead, the soldiers wanted revenge. But after that the soldiers started to get scared, so they all backed up.

“Is my father dead?” William said.

“Yes, sorry,” Hyphen said.

“It’s fine. He was going to kill me anyways,” William said.

While they were running, the god of war showed up. Hyphen and William were in shock.

“So, Sasuke, I see you think you're all that inside of you,” Ares said.

Hyphen kept quiet, as did William.

Ares came at full speed and punched William and Hyphen into a tree. Ares walked up to Hyphen and held Hyphen from his neck and threw him all the way to the sky. While Hyphen was going to the sky, he saw someone on Mount Olympus that looked similar to Zeus, but a second later he landed on the clouds. Since then Hyphen has been stuck up there. For years every time Ares goes to war, Hyphen gets mad and strikes with lightning.

This is how lightning entered the world.

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