Our Lives
Pooja. Age 15. Gurgaon, India
                      Our lives are trees,
Otherwise we would freeze.
In our childhood,
We played games with small-small woods.
Trees are important in the movie world too,
They entertain not only me but also you.
In Bollywood songs they are used,
Behind them the actresses hide and actors are confused.
Trees give us fresh, cool and free air,
And this is our luck to be fair.
Even the gangs of thieves,
To hide themselves, they use trees’ branches and leaves.
Some trees cure the ailments,
Because nothing is done by the Government
for people’s treatments,
Nobody feels their pain,
Are we humans so vain?
We are aware of conservation,
But still we allow soil erosion.
We cut plants and trees and do not think,
That due to this, we will spoil the food chain link.
What will happen in the future?
If there will be no trees in nature.
We should plant more plants and trees,
So that we can breathe a free and fresh breeze.
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