The Missing Closet Toys
Janice. Age 11. Richmond, California

It was a cold fall morning when two brothers decided to play with their toys. The youngest of the brothers was named Jhosmar, while the other one was named Miguel. When they had started to play, their mom had called them to go and eat breakfast. As they approached the kitchen, they could smell pancakes and bacon.

“Mmmmm! Mom’s making pancakes and bacon again,” said Jhosmar.

“Mmmmmm!” said Miguel.

“Breakfast is ready!” shouted Mom.

Both boys sprinted to the kitchen to eat. They ate and laughed together during breakfast, and walked back to their room to continue playing.

While the two kids were playing, they got mad at each other. They were arguing, and they started to throw toys at each other. That same night Jhosmar fell asleep, but he felt bad that he had thrown his toys. When he woke up, he went to his toy closet and started to play with his toys. As soon as Miguel woke up, he went to play with him, but when he went in they started to throw the toys all over the place.

That night as he was falling asleep, Jhosmar got a strange feeling that his toys were missing. The next morning, he woke up and went to his toy closet as usual and saw that it was true. Jhosmar went up to Miguel and said, “Do you have my toys?”

Miguel said, “No, why would I have them?”

Jhosmar went to tell his mom that his toys were missing. His mom helped him search all over the house, but they didn’t find them. Since they couldn’t find them, his mom said, “Where was the last place you had them?”

Jhosmar responded, “Well, they were in the closet when I went to bed.”

They had already searched the closet, but they weren’t there. It was getting late, so his mom said, “Kids, come eat dinner.” After they ate dinner, the boys went to their bedroom and fell asleep. While Jhosmar was sleeping, he had a dream that his toys had run away and gone back to the store. The next day he went to tell his mom that he had a dream that his toys ran away. When he said that, his mom said, “It was just a dream, toys can’t run away.” “But Mom, I think they did run away,” whimpered Jhosmar.

“You probably just misplaced your toys and don’t remember where you left them,” his mother said.

The same day he went to the store with his mom and brother. When he went in the store, he had a strange feeling, like the one he had had when his toys had gone missing. Since he noticed that the felling was the same one he had experienced earlier, he went to the toy section and started looking at the toys.

While he was looking at the toys, he saw one of his toys. It was a teddy bear, and the teddy bear said, “Why did you treat us like that?”

The boy got scared and said, “Like what?”

“What do you mean ‘like what’? Don’t you remember?” asked the bear.

“No” said Jhosmar.

“Well, let me remind you.”

“Okay,” said Jhosmar.

“It all began one day when you and your brother started arguing. Every time you guys argue you throw your toys at each other.”

“Oh, now I remember. I’m sorry,” said the boy in a sad tone.

“Well it’s going to take more than a ‘sorry’ to get us back,” said the teddy bear.

“Can you please tell me what I have to do to get you guys back?”

“I can, but I’m going to have to talk to the other toys,” replied the bear.

“Okay, when can you talk to them?”

“I can go right now, but you will have to wait here.”

The teddy bear went to talk to the other toys. While they were talking, Jhosmar was trying to wait patiently, but he really wanted to know if the teddy bear would tell him. He could hear someone coming, and he thought that it was the teddy bear, but it was his brother saying that they were about to leave. Jhosmar started to get nervous because the teddy bear was nowhere to be seen and they had to leave.

Just as he was leaving, the teddy bear came and said, “I talked to the toys, and they decided I should tell you how you can get us back.”

“How can I get you guys back?”

“You have to get other toys and prove to us that you will take care of them. After one week, you have to come back with the toys and they have to be well taken care of. “

“Okay, I’ll take two toys.”

“Okay, come back in a week then.”

When he was picking the toys, his mom said that it was time to leave. He was relieved that the bear had said to come back in a week because his mom went to that store every week. A week passed and they went to the store. Jhosmar took the toys and looked for the teddy bear. When he found the teddy bear, he showed him the toys.

The boy said, “Can I have my toys now?”

“Well, you did take good care of them, so I guess you can. Let me ask the toys if they want to go back.” The teddy bear went to ask the toys, and the toys said “yes.” The toys went back to Jhosmar and Miguel’s house, but they didn’t leave when he left. They waited until the store closed, and while Jhosmar was sleeping they went back into the closet and waited for night to become morning.

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