Boy Meets Girl in the Portrait
Elba. Age 11. San Pablo, California

It was a day as hot as a red pepper. People were buying their tickets for the museum. Then people are starting to come into the museum. One of them was a boy named Andy Biersack. He wore a lot of black things, and he had teased long hair. He walked past a painting, but he stopped, and was looking at it for a while. Then more people came into the museum, including a class on a field trip.

Andy and the painting were staring at each other. Andy’s mind kept rambling like a teacher teaching a lesson with a monotone. Other people were looking at other things in the museum. The painting was called “The Enchanted,” who knows why. People were asking, “Why do they call it ‘The Enchanted’?”

“Because a famous painter painted it. He passed away a few years back. So, that’s what they called it,” a man said. Andy was listening to what they said because he didn’t know that at all.

“Oh, that is so amazing! Who painted that? It is an amazing piece of art!!!!” a person yelled loudly.

The artist’s name is Roy Lichtenstein. He was an amazing artist, and his painting is colorful like a rainbow in the sky, I said in my mind. It is so beautiful. The painting is called “Hopeless Girl.”

“It is time to leave, Andy,” Andy’s mom said.



“I don’t care, Mom. This painting is pretty.”

“I’m your mom so come now. Don’t make me count to three. 1, 2, 2 ½,…Please don’t do this, Andy,” Andy’s mom said.

People were staring at them because they were the loudest people in the museum. While everybody was staring, they were talking about leaving to go home, but Andy didn’t want to go home because he loved the paintings of Roy Lichtenstein. So, that’s why Andy didn’t want to go home. In his head was that painting.

Andy had a plan. The plan was that he would say he left something behind to go back to the museum. He told his mom that he lost something in the museum, so they had to go back. They arrived at the museum, and Andy walked in and started to look for the thing he lost and his mom was in the car when he was looking. When he got back inside, the picture was talking to him, and she said, “Hey, Andy, why are you back in the museum? Didn’t you go back home?”

“I told my mom about that I lost something because I want to see you,” Andy said.

“Why did you lie to your mom about losing something because of me?” said the hopeless girl.

Andy was surprised because the painting was talking to him. At first he didn’t believe it. He pinched himself because he thought he was dreaming that the painting was talking to him.

“You have to go home to your mom, and don’t stay because of me. I’m just a painting on the wall. You have to make a choice,” the painting said. Andy had two choices: to stay in the museum with the painting or go back to the car and lie that he found the thing. His choice was to stay in the museum with the painting.


Andy was sad because she was right about going home to his mom and family. Then he thought about what the hopeless girl said. Andy wanted to go home, but he couldn’t because the doors were locked. The janitor had locked the door. Andy was worried. He was looking for a way out of the museum. He was looking and looking, but he didn’t find the way out. So, he went to the hopeless girl to ask for the way out. Andy walked back to the girl and he stopped. The janitor was coming his way. Andy went to hide in order to not get caught. Then the janitor left without noticing him. Andy went to the girl to ask the way out.

“Ah……one question,”


“Where is the way out? I got locked in here and I want to go home”

“So you are going to take my advice?”


“OK, the way out is the back door because it always unlocks.”

Andy and hopeless girl were talking. Andy took the hopeless girl’s advice about going home with his family. The hopeless girl helped Andy to go home. Andy went to the back door and went back home to his family. The hopeless girl was in the museum and Andy was at home. He was thinking about the hopeless girl that helped him get out of the museum. After that day they never saw each other again.

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