Teddy Bear Finds a Friend
Alondra. Age 12. San Pablo, California

In the small town of Berkshire there lived a girl named Alice. She wasn’t like any other typical young seven-year-old girl. Although her poor family lived in a rusty old home that looked like a shoe box, she was never upset about living there. She was a happy girl. Every day she cherished all the things she had, even if it was hard, as if she wasn't poor at all. She loved being with her family, and that's all that mattered to her.

Tomorrow she would be eight years old. She didn't like her birthday because that meant she would feel guilty that her mother and father would have to spend money on a present. She always told them she didn't want anything for her birthday as everything they wanted to get her was expensive. She didn't want anything than to have good food, clothes, and a home as long as it was with her family.

The next day was like any other ordinary day. Wake up, get dressed, and help her mother with chores. But this morning was different because she didn't hear her mother washing clothes with her hands, or her father banging a hammer in their backyard. There was nothing but silence. She got out of bed full of confusion and walked into the kitchen. The first thing she noticed was a small vanilla cupcake with frosting and sprinkles with a black teddy bear behind it with a golden colored bowtie on the kitchen table.

There was a small note in front of everything. She walked close to it and read the small note.

Good morning Alice,

We are sorry we are not around for your birthday today, but we got a gift for you, and we hope you enjoy it. There is some breakfast on the counter if you are hungry. We will be back at noon.


Mom and Dad

Alice placed the note back on the kitchen table and looked at the bear strangely. She grabbed it carefully and looked at it filled with a hint of happiness in her eyes. She hugged it gently and placed it on the counter while she grabbed the cupcake and took a bite.

It was 9:00 and her parents hadn't arrived yet. She didn't go outside but waited for her parents instead. She decided to go into her already dark bedroom and try to get some sleep. Before she went to her bedroom, she saw the bear on the chair instead on the kitchen counter where she last left it. She was confused, but she grabbed it and took it to her bedroom with her.

She sat on her bed looking out of the little window she had right next to the bed. The bear was right in front of her. She never had a friend so this one could be a first. Even if it didn't talk back, she decided to talk to it.


No response.

“My name’s Alice. Oh, I haven't given you a name. Well, your name will be Garney.” She smiled at the name she gave the bear.

“Do you like the name I gave you?” she asked, but she didn't get a response. She looked out the window again.


She turned around with slight fear. There wasn't anyone else in the room except for her and the bear. She looked down at the bear and the bear’s head moved up to look up at her. Alice jumped back against the headboard with fear and stared at the bear while it just sat there looking at her.

“Yes, I do like the name.” The bear got up and slowly walked to Alice and stretched its arms out. Alice was confused. What was the bear doing?

“Hug?” the bear asked. Alice sat crossed-legged and looked at the bear. She grabbed it and gave it a hug as it hugged her back.

“I will be your friend forever, Alice,” the bear said, which made her squeeze tighter. Soon after she fell asleep with the bear still in her arms.

The next morning she woke up and noticed the bear beside her. She heard the noises of washing clothes and banging noises which must mean that her parents were home. She got up and didn't need to carry the bear as it followed behind her. She didn't notice though.

“Good morning,” she said. Her parents didn't answer her back but stared wide-eyed at her. She looked at them with confusion.

“What?” she asked.

“What’s that behind you?!” they both asked. She was confused, so she stepped aside slowly and said that it was her teddy bear smiling at them.

“Hello,” Garnet the teddy bear said.

The parents didn't reply, but just stood there as if they saw a ghost.

“This is Garnet, the teddy bear you both gave me,” Alice said. Her father stood up and walked around the teddy bear like it was an unknown creature. While he was circling around it, the teddy bear was spinning around with him very slowly.

“Are you joking?” he asked.

“No, this is real. It is actually alive and walking,” Alice said, and her parents then walked away without another word. Alice was confused, but she grabbed an apple, picked up the bear, and went back to her room.

The next day the parents acted as if nothing happened and as if the bear was just another person in the household. A few years passed, and the girl got older, with her own company and a good home for her family. She also had her own home, but she didn't live alone. She had had a friend with her by her side still since she was a young girl. Garnet, the teddy bear.

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