The Toy Store Escape
Brenda. Age 11. San Pablo, California

It was a chilly afternoon in December, and there was a small store that had brand-new toys. When the toys first were brand-new, they were really excited, since they would get new owners in no time. Then they started to get sad and depressed. About two months later, the toys realized they had been left in a shop that felt abandoned, as if they were in a desert with no one in sight. That day the toys came to life all of a sudden and decided to plot an escape.

“I can’t stand being in this place any longer! I am going to leave this store!” one of the toys said angrily.

“Us too! We can’t stay in this abandoned store any longer!” replied most of the other toys.

“Let’s leave this place then!” a doll commented.

“Yes!” all the other toys agreed.

In a short while the toys had left the store. Then they decided to look for another one, since they wanted to have owners to take care of them. After three days, the toys had found another toy store that looked a bit more promising. After the toys had entered the store, they waited for some customers, and hoped to get owners. A couple of weeks later, the toys were missing their old store. They realized that they had made a mistake.
The toys then decided to move back once again to their old toy store. “This place seems a bit more boring than the other toy store,” one of the toys spoke.

“A bit…. Should we wait?” a few of the other toys replied.

After talking with each other, the toys decided to leave. Right when they were about to leave, another toy, a stuffed bear, was standing where the exit was.

“What are you trying to do?” asked the stuffed bear.

“We want to leave and return to the other toy store that we came from,” some of the toys responded.

“DON’T leave,” the bear replied.

“Why shouldn’t we?” asked another one of the toys.

“Don’t leave because the toy store you all came from has closed” the bear lied.

“What? How? Why?!” most of the toys asked.

“Yeah, you have to stay here, in order to be safe,” the bear commented.

“Maybe if we return to the store, the store will open again,” one toy shared its idea.

“Nope, it is too late. The store already shut down!” said the stuffed bear with guilt.

“Then how do you know, and how do you know which toy store we came from?! And how do you know that the toy store that we came from has closed! What a liar!” one toy pointed out. The bear stayed silent. The toys knew they had multiple choices: The toys could trust the bear and stay; not trust the bear, but stay; or the toys could just leave. A few moments later, all the toys decided to leave. Since it was daytime, the toys left the bear with some other toys that were originally from that second store.

After a few days, the toys found their original toy store. The toys saw that the store wasn’t closed! The bear had lied to them! “So the bear did lie to us! I can’t believe it!” one toy exclaimed.

“I knew it!” said another toy.

“I'm never trusting another bear again. Only if they give me food and money, then I MIGHT trust them” said a greedy toy.

“I still can’t believe this! But there is no time to waste! Let’s go in!” another toy had replied.

“True! Let’s go in!” other toys commented.

After the toys had returned, they waited for a few days. Ever since they had returned, they realized they were as impatient as a person who has waited six hours to get an order from a restaurant. However, even though they didn’t see customers, they were really happy being in the store again. The next day for them was a turn-around. Out of nowhere, plenty of customers came into the store. The toys were shocked, since they never seen customers come into the store.

All of the toys were bought as soon by the time the store closed. All of the toys were together with their new owners, and they couldn’t be happier. They had had lots of fun, visited more customers coming in the store, and most importantly they had had an adventure together. Although the toys loved their owners, they wondered something for a very long time. Was the bear trying to get to know the toys, did he want company, or did he want to protect them for their own safety?

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