The Women from the Portraits
Isela. Age 12. San Pablo, California

In a small art museum connected to a local cafe stood, hanging on a wall, a portrait of a young woman named Ally. She wore a black dress and black shoes. Every day customers would come in and look around and stare at all of the portraits, except hers. She became very lonely because no one ever noticed her. Although Ally was surrounded by other beautiful portraits, no one would look at her. On the other side there was another lonely lady that no one would look at either. Her name was Emily. One night, Ally and Emily went out of their portraits. Ally and Emily bumped in to each other while walking around.

“Where are you going?” Ally said.

“I want to help the world,” Emily said.

Ally and Emily left together and went to a hospital to help the sick people. After a day and they had to leave, so they left for the cafe. They got back and went in their portraits.

“Bye, Ally,” Emily said.

“Bye, Emily,” Ally responded.

Ally and Emily are waiting for midnight to go back to the hospital and help out. They were waiting patiently to leave the art museum and then people came in and look at the portraits, but people wouldn’t look at Ally and Emily. It was getting late and they were almost ready to leave.

“Are you ready?” Emily asked.

“Yes,” Ally responded.

They left to go to the hospital, and when they got inside, they saw people who needed help, so Emily and Ally were right on it. They were like cheetahs looking for food, but they were looking for people to help. Ally and Emily saw a patient who needs help and they went to him. But who was going to help him, Emily or Ally?

“Let me help him,” Emily said.

“I will,” Ally said.

They were arguing about who was going to help him out, so they came to a conclusion that they would both help. People did not know that they were from portraits; people thought they were real people. Ally and Emily went to help the hospital because they wanted to do good things in their lives. They were looking for people to help or doctors to help out with their patients.

“Did you find someone to help?” Ally said.

“No,” Emily responded.

“Let’s just help people here in the front office,” Ally said. They were helping the front office, but it was too late. It was becoming day, so they went back to the art museum and to their portraits.

“I will see you later,” Emily said.

“OK,” Ally said.

Emily and Ally went back to the hospital again, and they went inside. Ally and Emily saw a lady in a wheelchair and a man next to her. Emily and Ally went up to them and shook the man’s hand. “We will take care of her,” Emily said.

“Thank you,” the man said.

The man left and Ally and Emily got to work. They helped the lady out and provided everything she needed.

“I think that patient is in need of assistance,” Ally said.

“OK, let us help him,” Emily said. They went to go help an old man, and then a lady came in and went over to the man that they were helping.

“Thank you for helping him,” the lady said.

“You’re welcome,” Emily said.

It was becoming day again, so they needed to go back, and they did. “I will see you at midnight?” Emily said.

“OK,” Ally said.

They went inside their portraits and it was becoming day, so people came in. Ally and Emily saw the man they had helped yesterday. The man came to look at their portraits. “Look! Those two ladies were helping me yesterday,” the man said.

“Yes, they were helping you yesterday, weren't they?” the lady agreed.

Then everyone came up to the portraits and they started remembering everything, and the portraits became famous. And Ally and Emily kept on going to the hospital and helping people from that day on.

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