The Crazy Plan Problem
Graeme. Age 7. Calgary, Alberta
Originally published in May 2016.

When Mal and his dog Chad were visiting Seattle for a summer trip, they did lots of things. Now they were going to the airport.

“That was a great trip,” mumbled Mal. He was driving the car.

“Yeah,” replied Chad. “I wish we could stay longer.”

Now they were at the airport. Just as they got in there was an announcement. “Plane at gate C29 will be leaving in 1 minute,” reported the announcement.

“Oh, my gosh!” cried Mal. “That’s our plane!”

They darted to C29. When they reached C29, the attendant told them the plane had departed. “Why did we miss our plane?” sighed Mal.

It was 12:00 anyway, so they got lunch. For the next thirty minutes, they talked about how they were going to get home. All of the sudden, a loud voice came from the corner of the food court. “Was that the TV?” Chad asked.

“Maybe” replied Mal. He turned and saw the TV was reporting about a new hardware store. ”Um…We could get some hardware,” suggested Mal.

“But for what?” asked Chad.

“We could make something,” mumbled Mal.

So they went to the hardware store. It was a long drive. When they got there, it took them fifteen minutes to pick things. After, they went back to their car. Chad waited as Mal made the things. “Almost done,” muttered Mal over his shoulder a few minutes later.
Then Chad waited some more. Five minutes later, Mal was done. Then, they went to the airport.

When they got there, they used their device to make them invisible. They snuck through a gate into an unattended plane with nobody in it. Mal started to taxi and then, within a minute, they were in the air. “Here we go!” shouted Mal from the cockpit.

It was foggy in the air. They went into turbulence. “Shaky,” said Mal from the cockpit.
He turned the seatbelt sign on. Suddenly, they collided with a spaceship. Then the spaceship and the plane blew up. They felt themselves falling. Chad started screaming “AAAAAIIIIEEEEE!”

Then, they touched water and noticed that they had landed in a twelve-foot deep public diving pool. Quickly, they got out of the pool and then they figured out that they were right beside their condo! “Well, we’re back!” said Mal.

Then they made themselves visible; they checked into their condo and went into their room. “Home at last!” announced Chad.

“Gee,” said Mal. “I hope this doesn’t ever happen to us again.”

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