Daniel, My Hero
Kathryn. Age 15. Queretaro, Mexico
Originally published in April 2010.

All around us there are “heroes” that the world sees as great. These “heroes” are famous people or people that the media portrays as wonderful role models. Although these people may seem great to the world, I think that the real heroes are the people who are lights for Jesus, shining brightly in a darkened world. Out of all the heroes in the Bible, the one that stands out to me is Daniel. He went through so much, yet always remained a man of God. Daniel stayed brave, loyal, and had incredible faith. I picked Daniel as my hero because I can learn so much from his life.

Daniel was taken away from his home at around fifteen years of age without his family or any of his possessions. That takes incredible courage. Daniel was also a loyal friend when he was offered a job in the king’s court. He made sure that his friends were also employed in high positions. He was also a man of great faith who always prayed before making any decisions. When he was in the lion’s den, he prayed for deliverance, and God answered by closing the beast’s mouth. I think that the overall character of Daniel is astounding, and that is why he is my hero.

Men like Daniel are hard to find these days. Daniel stayed courageous, a loyal friend, and faithful despite all the trials he faced. This young man always remained God’s faithful servant, knowing that Christ stayed right by his side. Because Daniel was a man of faith, he prayed and God answered. He never forgot about his friends, no matter what happened to him. Daniel became an amazing young man, and he is my hero because of his courage, loyalty, and faith.

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