Natalie. Age 12. Richmond, California

It was a dark, wet night with trash spread all over the ground. A house down the street that was brown and green was all wet from the rain. The abandoned street was quiet in rain. No kids playing, cars nowhere to be seen. A little girl was watching YouTube. She was watching a song. The name of the song was “Dollhouse,” and here was a doll singing the song. The little girl was named Izzy. Her dad didn't come home that much; he had other work to do.

The doll was all white, and her hair and was parted with pink and black. She had on a pink and black dress, she had pink cheeks, and her eyes were blended with black and pink. The doll's name was Melanie, and every little girl loved her. She had toys of her and so much more. Izzy saw her mom coming in.

“Mom, Mom, you're here, you're here. Look, Mom, look!!” Izzy said.

“What is it sweetie? What do you want me the look at?” said Mom

“Do you see it? Do you?!” Izzy said.

Her mom looked at the phone which Izzy was holding. An expression lit up her mom. Mom was looking at the doll singing the song, and Izzy singing it with her. “Hey, girl, open the wall, play with your doll, we’ll be a perfect family. When you walk away is when we really play.” Mom walked away like nothing just happened.

The next day, Izzy and her mother were walking in the mall. There was a store in the mall that said Melanie. Izzy ran into the store, and her mom followed right behind her. The little girl's face lit up brighter than a million stars in the sky.

“Look, look do you see it? It's Melanie. Can I get her? Can I?!” said Izzy.

“Look, I don't know if I should buy you it. I mean, does it look creepy to you?” said Mom.

“What? Why not? It's not creepy. She is soooo pretty, like a shooting star, because…she is!!” said Izzy.

“Well, I guess…OK, OK…you can get her, just her, just Melanie” said Izzy's mom.

Izzy's face lit up like her dad’s did when he saw kids live their dreams. Izzy grabbed Melanie. “She is soooooooooo pretty!!! OMG, thank you, Mom!” said Izzy.

“But I didn't pay for it yet,” said Izzy's mom.

“OK...OK...Fine! Fine!!!!!!” said Izzy.

Izzy and her mom walked to the cashier. Izzy was so happy that she got Melanie. Izzy looked at her mom. Izzy's mom looked at her. She said, “You better hope that it's not too much.” Izzy and her mom waited a long time in the line so they could buy the doll and leave the mall. It was 2:30. Mom looked at Izzy. Izzy's face said, “Nooo, I don’t want to leave yet!!!”

“Next in line …” said one of the cashiers.

“Finally!” gasped Izzy's mom loud.
“Mom, we’re next. Come on!” said Izzy.

“Hello there, I'm Donna. What do you want today?” asked Donna.

“Well, I want Melanie. She is sooooooo pretty, right?”

“OK, OK, OK, well, we don’t know if we are going to buy it,” said Izzy's mom.

Melanie cost $11.23, so Izzy's mom got the doll, and then they went home.

* * * * * * * * * *

Twelve years later, Izzy was in high school, and Melanie was under Izzy's bed. One night, Melanie got up from the bed and looked at the time. It was 1:22.

“When is the night going to be over?” wondered Melanie. Melanie started to remember the good times, when Izzy was so happy that she finally had the doll in her arms. Melanie was so happy that Izzy had her in her arms as a baby. Melanie walked onto the bed and grabbed Izzy's phone and went on YouTube and searched up “Dollhouse.”

She was singing along with herself in the video. Melanie was looking for her dollhouse, which used to be on the dresser, but it was not there. Melanie looked outside in the rain. The dollhouse was in the trash, like an old shoe box, all wet and old. Melanie had a feeling in her like water coming out of her; then she knew what it was. She was crying. She fell on the floor in sadness, and her song came up, one of her other songs, “Cry Baby.” “They call me cry baby, cry baby, but I don’t really. Cry baby, cry baby.” Melanie was crying more than ever. Melanie was not looking where she was walking and fell off the bed and into the trash.

In the morning, Izzy didn’t see she was in the trash and took the trash out. Melanie was looking up at Izzy when she was putting the bag of trash out onto the curb. Izzy went inside. She was looking for something.

“Mom! Mom! Mom!” said Izzy.

“What? What is it?” said Mom.

“I can't find Melanie!! Mom, help!” said Izzy.

Melanie saw through the window that Izzy was looking for her. Melanie was trying to get noticed, but she couldn't. The trash truck was coming, and soon Melanie was in the truck. Her cheeks were black from her makeup. Melanie froze for a half an hour, all the way to the dump where other toys came over the years.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Hey you, girl, what's your name?” said another toy.

Melanie looked at the toy. She couldn't say anything; she had no voice.

“Ohhhh,I see you're a toy that can't talk. Well then, do you have an owner?“ asked the other toy.

Melanie looked at herself in a broken glass. She had black all over her, and her face was broken. She felt like a monster. Her dress was old and ripped up, and her shoes had been gone for a long time.

“Hey, don’t be so down, you look pretty!“ said the other toy.

Although she was all messed up, Melanie felt a spark in herself. She had only been gone for four months. She knew Izzy was still crying; Izzy needed her back. But Melanie didn't give up. She started to walk. The other toy looked at her, and then the other toy started to walk with her. But the weather was looking not so good. Then it started to rain all over the place. Melanie and the other toy got washed away with the rain, and they both started to scream.

“We’re going to die!!” said the other toy.

Melanie was looking at the other toy. In her head, she was like, “Really?” Then the water stopped. They looked at each other and started to walk again. Two hours later, they found Izzy's house. They made it home.

“For the first time in forever!” said the other toy.

Melanie really didn't want to hear the song from Frozen. She looked at the window, and she saw Izzy, who was crying. Melanie saw that Izzy did like her this whole time. Melanie found a way inside the house. Izzy saw Melanie. Izzy ran to Melanie, who grabbed her so tight she felt like she was going to explode. Izzy started to cry in joy.

After that day, Izzy took good care of Melanie, and after that day, Melanie never ran away again, so Melanie felt like she was loved all over again.

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