Simon Eliot. Everything You Need To Know about the World
Raincoast Books. $14.95. 978-1-55192-909-5. 182 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 15
Originally published in October 2007.

Hot turtles blood is drunk with whiskey in Korea. Some people in China eat the hands of gorillas; but this is illegal.

That quote right there is a good example of what this entire book is like. It is full of random facts about absolutely anything and almost everything. It is hilarious, amusing, and disturbing. With one comment after another, it just makes you want to read more!

This book is really well done; I loved it. It is quite useful for information, and it is just plain interesting. It is a good book to have added to your collection. The pages have pictures…or should I call them doodles? This entire book appears to be an account of a teenager’s journal or school planner. It looks messy and unkempt, but that makes it all the more intriguing. I think it is a great way to write a book! The pictures and the words go together just like they would in any good book.

I would recommend this great book for all ages, especially boys or the reluctant reader in your family. You are guaranteed to learn something--promise.

This reviewer gives five crazy stars to Eliot’s Everything You Need To Know About The World.


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