Fluffy and Rosey
Michael. Age 11. Calera, Alabama
Originally published in November 2013.

One day Fluffy and her sister, Rosey, were sitting in their cage nibbling on some juicy carrot sticks. Fluffy and Rosey are two guinea pigs who live in Alabama. Fluffy is slightly vain, but has a very nice personality. She has orange fur with white patches. Her sister, Rosey, is very timid and has black, brown, and white fur. They are both very cute.

So these two very cute guinea pigs were just sitting in their cage minding their own business when a bright blue light suddenly shone down on them. Then all went black.

When the two guinea pigs woke up, they were strapped down to a cold table by metal bars. "Hey," screamed Fluffy, "I demand you let me out! You can't keep The Great Fluffy strapped to this table."

Rosey just stayed strapped to her table thinking about how to escape while Fluffy screamed her head off on the opposite table. Suddenly a secret door slid open and two aliens stepped into the room!

They had huge black eyes, huge heads, huge teeth, huge tentacles, huge feet, and hardly any legs to speak of. "These are very tiny humans we have abducted," said one alien to the other in a very gruff, deep voice.

"Very hairy also," said the other alien.

"Now, let's eat them," said one of the aliens. The aliens started to unstrap the guinea pigs so they could eat them. Fluffy suddenly kicked one of the aliens in the face, making it fall back in surprise. Rosey punched the other alien and it fell down also. The two guinea pigs ran out into another, bigger room filled with hundreds of aliens. The guinea pigs saw some escape pods on one of the walls. The piggies quickly ran through the crowd of aliens and jumped into an escape pod.

A screen in the escape pod told them to type in where they wanted to go. Rosey quickly typed in Alabama as the aliens got closer and closer to catching them. Right before the aliens could grab them, the pod took off for Earth. A second later, Fluffy and Rosey were back in their cage. They went right back to nibbling their carrots.

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