Lucy Came Home Again
Melissa. Age 10. San Pablo, California
Originally published in October 2014.

It was beautiful day in May. The sun was shining, the grass was green, and robins were chirping. It was 50 degrees outside. Ximena and I were walking to the park, so we could walk her dog Lucy.

When we were crossing the street Lucy ran away. We started looking for Lucy. We went to the lake. We also went to the play structure, but we didn’t find her. We stopped for a moment, and we sat at the bench, so we could relax. Later we heard Lucy barking, we looked around but she wasn’t there. We heard the noises coming from the back of us.

We ran to the play structure when we got there we saw Lucy playing with another dog. Ximena was so glad that we found Lucy, we decided to go home. The next morning, I woke up and heard the phone ring, and I answered.

It was Ximena. She told me that Lucy was gone. Ximena said, “I don’t know how she left.

I told her, “Maybe she is at the park.

Ximena responded, “But how?

“Maybe she likes it there, I responded.

First we went to the lake to look for her, but we didn’t find her. Next we went to the play structure, and when we got there we saw Lucy playing with the same dog that she was the other day. The same day in the afternoon we didn’t find her, but we knew where she was. It was obvious that she was at the park.

We found her again, but this time there was another surprise. There were puppies! The puppies look just like Lucy. When Ximena saw them she said “What! She was pregnant.” The next morning Lucy and the puppies were running around in the yard.

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