The Mixel Story
Daniel. Age 8. Ellensburg, Washington
Originally published in February 2015

One day a Mixel from Planet Mixel was coming down to Earth. When he got here, he said, “My name is Blowtorch. I am here to find my friends.” So, he flew down to Central Park because the other Mixels told him to meet them there. They were playing tag. One of the Mixels said, “Do you want to play”?

“I would be glad to play,” Blowtorch said.

While they were playing tag, four men walked by. The Mixels had agreed that while living on Earth they would keep in hiding, but one of the men exclaimed, “What the heck are those things?” The Mixels froze like statues.

One of the Mixels whispered, “What do we do now?”

One of the Mixels said, “We could blow them with our fire.”

The boss of the Mixels said, “Every human would think we were killers, duh.”

The first Mixel said, “Is that a bad thing?”

The second Mixel said, “Of course it’s a bad thing! They would torture us back to Planet Mixel.”

Blowtorch said, “We can fly like Harry Potter.”

Someone argued, “We don’t have any magic flying brooms like in Harry Potter!”

Blowtorch said, “No! Some of us can fly, so the others can get on their backs!”

So they got on the flying Mixels' backs and flew to the mountains.

The four men ran to the news tower. While they were explaining about the Mixels, they heard the T.V. Apparently, there was a fire going on, but by the time the fire fighters got there the fire had been put out. A fire fighter said, “What happened? Where is the fire?”

Then they saw the Mixels by a burnt house, and the fire fighter said, “What are those things?”

One of the people hopped on a Mixel’s back and said, ”They put out the fire!”
Pretty soon most of the people had a Mixel to ride on because the Mixels told the Mixels still on Planet Mixel that humans were not torturing them and that it was safe to come. And the citizens were all riding the flying Mixels.

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