Sixth Grade Speech
Miguel. Age 12. San Pablo, California

Do you realize that one day you're going to need to say goodbye to your old school and say hello to your new school? Itís crazy how time flies! I remember when I didn't want to enter to my first grade class. I remember it like it was yesterday.

I have been in Downer for a little over than six years. I had great teachers, all but one, and I am not going to say her name but she gave me a hard time. When Mr. Dunn came along in fourth grade, that's what I needed because he was a fair teacher.

Mr. Dunn trained us hard on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but when Fridays came along, he would put a movie on, and we could draw, and he would always take us out for P.E.

In fifth grade I had Mr. Morris. He was a great teacher because he made sense of what he was teaching. He didn't move on to the next chapter until we got the problem and how to solve it. That's why I liked that teacher.

A year later I got to the ending of summer. I'm not going lie: I did want Mr. Macdonald at first, mostly everybody wanted him instead of Mr. Howard. As a few days passed being with Mr. Howard, we all realized that he was not bad at ALL!!!

The only one thing that I didn't like, and I am sure a lot of other students didn't like this too, was that he gave too much homework, but over time we figured that he was just trying to help us in every possible way. He has also done a great job preparing us for middle school. He would also say it will all pay off one day, and it has paid off, believe it or not.

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