Graphic Designer
Megan, Age 10, Pennsylvania, USA

"Megan!  Get off the Internet!"  I sighed and hit the "disconnect" button.  I loved surfing the Internet, but unfortunately, it tied up the phone lines so no one could call our house and we can't call anyone else. 
An hour later, after my mom got off the phone, I connected myself again to the Internet.  I was looking for something interesting to download. 
I found two programs that went together and looked pretty awesome.  I downloaded them. 
Once they were downloaded, I clicked on the program, PencilPaint*.  It was neat - a lot better than the program that came with my computer called simply "Paint."
PencilPaint had a whole bunch of awesome tools like air brush, crayon, pencil and a lot of other things.  I experimented a bit, before clicking on AnimalAnimation*.  I transferred my paintings onto it and animated them.
I never noticed, but I was on the Internet for more than 2 hours!  "Megan!  Have you been on the Internet this whole time? I've been expecting a call!  No wonder the phone hasn't rung once in the last two hours!"  My mother's yells drifted from the kitchen. 
"I was just about to get off, Mom!"  I clicked the "disconnect" button again.  The whole time I was playing around on those two programs, I never realized I was just getting started on a hidden talent.
I spent the evening drawing designs to make on my programs.  It never occurred to me that I was really good at it.  The next day I got back on the Internet and scanned my drawings onto AnimalAnimation.  I messed around with it and animated it making graphics.  Graphics are animated pictures and small drawings. 
There are many websites that are full of graphics for people to use on their own site. 
After making hundreds of graphics,  I started making wallpaper.  People can download wallpaper from a graphics site and put it on their own site too.
I suddenly realized, I could make a website and fill them with my graphics!  Since then, I have been making hundreds of graphics and wallpaper designs.  I even developed a site in which the designs are so good, people pay for them!!  And I did this all with the help of the computer.  

* Not the real names of the applications.

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