Heart So Pure
Paris, Age 15, Québec, QC

Born in a world so lost
I was unsure
About what it cost
To be, to be a woman
In a world filled with competition

Genes, so far
From evolution
Of a greater heart
Finding conclusion

To see through someone's eyes
That aren't mine

And I'll sing to the ocean
To a dark sky of stars and motion
Longing for the love that made me live
And I'll cry my tears
Tell you all of my fears
Till you let me give, let me live, oh let me live

Changing skies
Of a new world,
Hard to believe
I was once a girl

To breathe, to breathe this moment
That you sent, sent for me

Red hearts really blue
Lying faces that I see through
Nothing can change
Limits in this range

To hold, to hold time itself
Cannot be held

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