Callum, Age 10, Inverness, Scotland

Callum leaped into the shaft and looked cautiously around. The shaft led to the museum but he had to be careful because the security was of a very high caliber, and he knew that the element of surprise would not last much longer.

Suddenly he heard a whooshing noise and a massive tidal wave ran rumbling through the shaft. Callum was forced to kick down hard on the grating under him and hoped for the best.

As he fell, he heard the vast majority of the water rush over his head, some spilling out and running down his head and the neck of his black track suit.

He shivered; it looked as if he had been in that shaft because he was so wet. He looked around and took stock of his surroundings.

He was in an office area, with no windows and only a solitary door in the corner, a desk with a computer and some scattered papers over it. A photocopier stood in another corner.

Suddenly he turned and saw the door rattling; somebody was coming into the office, and Callum definitely did not want to be found at this early stage of the robbery.

The door burst violently down from its hinges as twenty guards ran in. The guards leaped over as Callum raced for his life down the hallway.

He leaped into the side as a hail of bullets flew in his direction down the hallway. He had ducked into an office in which a member of staff immediately pulled open a drawer and took out an ancient Colt 45 revolver and proceeded to aim it at Callum.

Callum shot the computer where the man was standing. Sparks flew and the man dropped his gun as a spark set his sleeve alight.

Callum ran and leaped up on the desk; using his palm he knocked the man to the ground. As he walked off the desk, he took enough care to stamp the growing fire on the man's sleeve out!

Callum leaped up and pulled down the vent cover. Again water came splashing down. Shivering and cursing, he crawled along until his way was blocked.

He knew that the artifact he was looking for was along this way, but the vent came to a sudden stop, with only one vent remaining.

He hit it and it fell. He dropped out. He was in the storage room. A crane was working in the corner, moving crates into piles. The operator failed to see Callum.

Callum snatched up the vent shaft cover and hurled it at the man. It thawked him in the chest. He bowled over, and swung out of the machine.

The machine was now veering dangerously, its wheel spinning all around. With no other solution, Callum leaped and climbed up a brick pile and leaped on top of it.

He smashed through the top and immediately, he stopped it. With the sound of the engine off he noticed for the first time that footsteps were coming from the other side of the room.

He immediately turned the engine back on and looked at his museum map. The relics room was over at the south facing wall, right where the guards were coming from.

He swung the wheel; he was going to use the element of surprise to get what he wanted. He crashed through a pile of bricks, causing about half of the guards to either be injured, shocked, or worse.

Two guards leaped on the machine; Callum kicked off one of them but the other was out of reach. He drove straight at the wall; sure, he was gonna destroy most of the Ling dynasty artifacts but hey, what he had to get was way more important than that!

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