Sarah's Stars

Jean Little. Orphan at My Door
Scholastic Canada, ISBN 0-439-98834-9  $14.99

Orphan at My Door is written in a diary form, and when you read it, it's like reading someone's private thoughts.

The diary starts in Guelph, Ontario, in 1897 and tells the story of Victoria Cope. As it begins, her family's current "Home Girl" leaves to get married. They must get another girl soon, because Mother isn't feeling up to even the smallest amount of extra work. When Victoria meets twelve-year-old Mary Anna, she begins to find out more about the girl's reasons for being a Home Girl. She starts to wonder... is the world as perfect as she once believed?

I really enjoyed Orphan at My Door and would rate it 4 stars. Anyone in Grades 4 and up would love it!


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