Sarah's Stars

Eric Walters. The Bully Boys
Puffin, ISBN 0-14-028806-6  $7.99  255 pg.

If you like cunning stories of loyalty and bravery, or tales of adventure and suspense, read this book! The Bully Boys is written by Eric Walters, who in my opinion is a wonderful author. His books just reach out and grab you. I sometimes felt that I was watching a movie rather than reading The Bully Boys.

The story is set in 1812 and tells of the adventures of young Tom Roberts. When Tom saves the life of the famous Lieutenant Fitzgibbon, he must travel away from home with him, fearing that the Americans will take revenge. Tom's dream is more than fufilled: he is going to fight against the Americans like his dad, but with the Bully Boys. What an honour!

If you are interested in more of Eric Walter's books, you might try War of the Eagles or Caged Eagles, which are both set in the 1940s. They are also historical fiction. I thought The Bully Boys was an awesome book and that Grades 4 and up would love it.


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