Noah, Age 14, Lucasville, USA

The place that I feel secure is in the woods. For some it's a place to hunt and kill animals but for me it's a place to watch animals.

Among the burnt fallen down trees animals' pop in and out of well-hidden homes. The deer sneaking around, like a robber in the night, are a interesting sight.

As I walk on the path that the bulldozer made around the hill the pointy tree branches poke into my side. There are so many briers that it looks like a battle field. If you lean on some of the trees the burn marks and knots will scratch your back.

If you are good at listening, you can hear twigs snapping as animals scurry around trying not to be seen. As night starts to come i hear my mom calling me to come home.

You can learn to love the woods if you spend time in there. If you are a good listener and are observant you can hear and see a lot under a tree.

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