Sarah's Stars

Laurie John & Francine Pascal.
Downstairs, Upstairs (Elizabeth)

Bantam, ISBN 8553493566  $7.00  240 pg.

In this third book in the "Elizabeth" series, Francine Pascal has really thrown a twist into Elizabeth Wakefield's life! After a big fight with her sister, Elizabeth boards a plane to England. There, having arrived penniless, she luckily gets a job as a maidservant at Pennington House, where the Earl lives. Perhaps not so luckily, she falls into a triangular romance with the Earl's son! "Away from home" is a change in theme for the Wakefield family.

This book, which Francine Pascal created, and Laurie John wrote, is for ages 14 and up. As it is more of a romance novel, and may suit young adult girls the best. Downstairs, Upstairs (Elizabeth) is a fairly new book, with the copyright 2001.

I would rate Downstairs, Upstairs (Elizabeth) four stars because it kept me on my toes the whole time, but not five, because I have read better books by the same author.


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