Seeing the Future
Sarah, Age 15, Langley, BC

My name is Abby, Abby Briggs. I've had some pretty strange things happen in my life, but nothing as strange as this.

It all started last Monday afternoon. I was doing my homework and it was 4:00 p.m. Then the door bell rang. I went out to the front to see who was there. A package lay upon the front porch step, I glanced at the address. It read:

Miss A. Briggs
Number 3 Longdale Road

I thought to myself "Could this be right? I never get packages."

I brought the brown packaged parcel inside and proceeded to open it. After opening five boxes, all smaller than the next, I finally reached the last box. I opened it up and there I saw a pair of bright pink, large rimmed glasses. The ugliest pair of glasses I'd ever seen in my whole life.

I picked them up, disgusted that someone actually thought that, for starters, I needed glasses. And secondly, that I would like these. After lifting them out of the box I noticed a little card fall on the floor. I picked it up and it said that these glasses were a great gift, for each person that received them saw something different. The note continued on to say that the last person who wore these glasses saw ice cream everywhere she looked. The person before that saw the beach twenty four hours a day.

I thought "What could be the harm in taking one little peek. What would I see, Paris, Europe, the answers to my history final...." I was horribly mistaken.

I put them on and I saw my mom working at her job. She was on her way home and then a bolt of lightning hit right in front of her car. The glasses' image faded.
I took them off. I ran to the phone and called my mom to see if she was alright.

"Hello, Miranda Briggs' office, how may I help you?" said a soft slang type voice.

"Is my mom there, Myra? This is Abby."

"Oh, hi doll, no your mother is at a trial, you know the life of a lawyer don't you, doll?"

I hung up the phone right away, and quickly dialed my mom's cellphone. I got grounded for interrupting her trial. Apparently she was alright.

At six o'clock that night, after dinner, my mom got home. Her car was being towed home because of a thunder storm. A bolt of lightning had hit the car in front of her and a piece of that car got caught under her car and damaged the underside.

Then it hit me. I could see into the future! I ran back up stairs and put on the glasses.
I saw my friend trip over her shoelace and fall right on the stairs. Everyone was laughing at her and she ran to the washroom crying.

The next day before school started I was walking with her up the stairs when I remembered the vision. I told her to tie up her shoes or she would trip and everyone would laugh at her. She didn't listen, that girl can be very stubborn sometimes. To her surprise, she fell. What do you know, I was right. She ran down to the washroom crying and didn't come out until first block.

By the fifth day of saving people from hurting and embarrassing themselves, I got tired of it and never wanted to see the glasses again. But I didn't know how to stop seeing things. So I tried to get rid of them, very simple right? Wrong, it proved to be extremely hard.

I mailed the glasses away but they reappeared on my bed.  I smashed them and the glass when right back together.  I dropped them off my friend's apartment building. They appeared back on my face.  Finally I was about to give up, but then I saw a little girl. She was squinting, trying to read a book. I gave her my glasses and she could see perfectly. The glasses never showed her anything but how to read. And she kept them to read books forever!

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