Snuggle Cat
Jessica, Age 10, East Lyme, CT

My name is Jessica. I have a cat that I love very much. She is a Siamese cat and her name is Minnie. She is 7 years old so she is not that old. Minnie doesn't play very much anymore.

I think that she lives a sad life because she is always home alone. In my house there are two people that live down stairs and they are both allergic to cats. So they both want to get rid of her because the only thing that she does is make them sneeze. My mom also doesn't like her, so she does not feed or clean her cat box.  I am the only one who feeds her and cleans her cat box and I don't like it.

Every night Minnie will come into my bed and she will take up the whole bed. Then when I fall asleep Minnie leaves and I then will have the bed to myself. Since I am the only one who takes care of Minnie she cries and cries when I go away, until I get back home. Siamese cats are very loud! I am the only one who loves my cat. She is a big snuggle cat.

She's always nice unless you go near her stomach, then she will try to bite you softly. But Minnie would never hurt anybody.

I love Minnie, my special cat.

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