A Boy with a Dream
Michael, Age 13, Ashford, WV

Once, in a small town, there was a skater named Johnny "flip" Surely. He dreamed of being a great skateboarder one day. One year after starting this hard to learn sport, he soon became familiar with many hard tricks (like caspers and darkslides).

Everyone in his family was shocked to see him do these tricks. They knew he had a gift.

After about eight years he had gone pro. He had a sponsorship partnership with Birdhouse Boards and Air Shoes. He decided that he should try to invent a brand-new trick. It would be a trick that nobody could land. It would be a trick that nobody could have even, in their wildest dreams, imagined, except for Johnny.

After 5 months of bruises, cuts, and a few stitches, Johnny had did the, are you ready for this, the first ever "slippin' grind" , as he called it. The trick was very complex. First you do a darkslide then you flip the board on its side and finish out the grind.

The first ever skateboard Olympics was a smash. All of Johnny's heroes were there, Rodney Mullen, Chad Muska, and Eric Koston. When it was Johnny's run he tried the slippin' grind, but fell. His next run, well let's just say I'm working on the slippin' grind myself, along with anyone else who saw the Olympics that year!


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