An Encounter with the Third Kind
Janell, Age 13, Medicine Hat, AB

It started about a week ago, when my dog, Gypsy and I were coming home from the vet. The doctor said that there was something very strange about Gypsy. Ive always known that she was special, because she could tell colors and shapes.

Sometimes it seemed that she could read minds or even speak, but Id never really thought of her as abnormal. I got Gypsy from the SPCA about 3 years ago. When I adopted her she had this strange collar on her and none of the SPCA workers could get it off her. When we got home Gypsy sat in front of the door and waited for me to open it. Ive never noticed but when I looked down at her she had two white spots, almost invisible, right behind her ears. When we got inside she curled up in her bed and went to sleep. I was pretty sleepy myself so I went to take a nap.

When I woke up it was 1:00AM. What woke me up was a neon green light shining in the living room. I quietly tiptoed out of bed and peeked around the corner. The first thing I noticed was Gypsy, sitting right in the middle of the floor in a fluffy silver suit, sunglasses, little silver shoes, and on the top of her head were two curly wiry things with disco balls on top of them. I could not stop laughing!

She must have heard me laughing because she started walking towards me with the green light following her. She sat right beside me and gave out 3 loud yaps. The next thing I knew I was in a strange metal object shaped like a giant disco ball. I was starting to get freaked out, but right then Gypsy came up to me and said hello. Gypsy then told me her real name, which was Zashalakanme. She told me that her species had come to earth to study humans. Now their study was over and she had to go back to her
own planet. Gypsy and I sat and spoke for a while. We talked about her planet and her people and found out that she was a very famous scientist on her planet. After about an hour she said that she had to go. I told her that I would miss her and that Id never forget her. She said that they had replaced her with another dog. We said goodbye and she said she would visit or write to me some time soon. Gypsy had me beamed back down into the living room. There was a sudden flash and she was gone.

I walked back into my bedroom and sure enough, in Gypsys bed was a little puppy that looked exactly like Gypsy.


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