Beauty to Madness
Jessica, Age 16, Torbay, NF

Some times I wonder if the world will ever end.
Swallow us up like the adversaries we are.
End its pain, its misery, its slow death,
and finally draw a last clean breath.

I know now why so many drown.
The water's tired of not seeing the dawn.
The carefree swimmers have taken it's joy.
It drags them deep, like a small toy.

And so the buildings will fall
we'll see the end.
No longer do we know
what it means to say 'friend'.
We've killed the world
turned music to hate.
So the world ends
and starts a new slate.

Sometimes I wonder why the melody is rotten.
Gone to hell and back, off key.
No longer does the cosmos sing.
You don't understand why? Think what it has seen.

We'll kill, hurt, and hate, to get to where we are going.
How we still live like this is a mystery.
Why the sound of the universe is corrupted I see.
No one knows what being friend means to be.

And so the buildings will fall
Now we've seen it all.
No longer does the universe sing
A song of joy in the creation of human being
We've tortured our world
Turned beauty to madness
And so the world ends,
to flush itself from darkness.

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