Butterfly Got Her Wings!
Stacey, Age 12, Seth, WV

There once was a little caterpillar. Her name was Gypsy, and one day she was outside playing with her friends. One of them asked "why don't you have wings yet?"

"I don't know. I guess I'm just not ready yet."

Well, she got to thinking my mother, father, sisters, and brother all have wings.

"Why don't I?" she said to her self.

So she went to her mommy and asked "why don't I have wings yet?"

And her mother replied "because you're not ready yet. See, you have to build a cocoon. It takes five days to make it and a whole three months to get in it and work as hard as you can to form your wings and if you start now, you will be flying by the time spring comes!"

Immediately she got to work and five days later Gypsy crawled into the cocoon and worked as hard as she could.

"Well it's been three months and we're all waiting for her to come out," said her mother.

And all of a sudden she bursts out of her cocoon she had the most beautiful wings that anybody has ever seen.

And that's how the beautiful butterfly got her wings!


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