How Little Butterfly Got Her Wings
Lindsey, Age 13, Seth, WV

Once upon a time a little butterfly lived in a small town called Youngstown. She lived with her Mom and Dad, and her two sisters. The little butterfly's name was Binaca.

Her family were all butterflies, her Mom and dad and sisters all had very beautiful wings and were fully-grown. But Binaca does not have her wings, so she has not flown yet.

Ever since Binaca was a newborn butterfly, she had no wings.

On the night before Binaca's birthday, her Mom was asking her what she wanted for her birthday. And Binaca said, ``Mom all I want more than anything in this whole world, is to have my beautiful butterfly wings so I can fly with all of my friends."

So her Mom said, ``Okay, I'll talk to the best doctor."

She told the doctor her daughter's problem, he said, ``That kinda reminds me of this new medicine I just made! If she takes this, it should take about 2 months for her to grow beautiful, brightly colored wings so she can fly with her friends and have fun being herself."

Well, it has been two and a half months and Binaca has the wings she has always wanted and now flies with her friends and stills sees that special doctor every now and then. In addition, she says that was the best birthday ever! And that is how a little butterfly got her wings!


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