How the Dog Got Its Bark
Robbie, Age 13, Ashford, WV

Dog was friends with Cat and Rat. One day, Cat and Rat where over at Dog's house. They brought over cheese. All of them had a big cheese dinner. When Cat and Rat began to leave, Dog got mad because they didn't help him clean up. They left while Dog was still screaming at them because they didn't help clean up the mess.

The next day, they came over but Dog didn't answer the door. Rat said that they were wrong and that they are sorry. Dog opened the door as Cat growled at Rat. "I never said I was sorry!" Said Cat.

Cat then ate Rat. Dog growled and yelled at Cat talking about Rat being their friend. Then Dog got hungry and ate Cat. Dog began to cry in sadness because of the loss of his friends Cat and Rat.

Later the Emperor heard about this. "Dog," said the emperor, "As punishment I take away your power of speech." That is why now dogs have to bark. They are man's best friend because they are hoping the man is an Emperor and will give them their voice back. It is also why dogs, cats, and rats all hate and try to kill each other.


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