How the Leopard Got Its Spots
Shane, Age 13, Seth, WV

 It all started when cave men were out looking for food. They were very poor cave men. Their clothing was made of leaves. They didn't really live in caves. They live under a rock that was big.

Then they traveled to the jungle and saw a leopard. It was a big one. They took their spears and threw them. The first cave man missed. Then the other two hit the giant leopard. It ran a long ways, maybe twohundred yards. But the cave men didn't give up.

They searched everywhere. In other caves, through rivers, then all of a sudden behind a bush something was moving. It was the leopard still not dead. They had spears. They threw them. Every spear hit . The leopard finally died. They took him to their fire. Then each cave man had a piece of fur to wear for clothing, instead of leaves. Then they got some black stuff from their fire and painted spots on the fur. And that's how the leopard got its spots.

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