How the Penguin Got Its Waddle
Cody, Age 12, Seth, WV

Once in a vast, frozen wasteland there was a group of fast, untold birds named penguins. They used to walk like any normal animal but one wretched penguin mocked and mimicked a royal being.

The royal was a sage from the wasteland who ruled it. The sage had only one rule for all the inhabitants to follow. The rule was that if anyone ever disobeyed him, they would be cursed forever.

Well, that one certain penguin unfortunately disobeyed the sage and mocked him. The sage was so angry that he cursed all the penguins and banned them to Antarctica. He also cursed their future siblings. The penguin even apologized to the sage but the sage wasn't in for the apology. The sage cursed the penguin with a waddle. Every penguin was angry at that one penguin, even though they forgave him eventually. But since then every penguin is cursed with a funny, royal waddle.

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