How the Porcupine Got Its Quills
Calvin, Age 13, Seth, WV

Long ago when the animals could talk, an Asian acupuncturist came to America to start a new life. Asia was in war with Europe at the time and all of his family had been killed in the war.

When he arrived, he moved to the New Hampshire countryside. One day, about a month later, a small animal with no name came to his shop. The animal was really stressed because a coyote had been chasing him around. He had heard that acupuncture was relaxing so he paid his eighteen dollars and the treatment started.

The Asian man introduced himself as Kensanobi and they became friends. Soon the needles begin to hurt as they went into the animal's skin. Kensanobi put them all over the animal's body. The animal looked out the window and saw thirty starving coyotes gathering around the shop.

"Kensanobi" said the animal. "I left my suitcase outside and it's going to rain. Will you get them?" "Sure," said Kensanobi kindly and went to get them. The animal quickly gathered all of the remaining needles, or quills, named itself porcupine, and slipped out the back door never to be seen again.

Once in a while, deep in the Northern woods he can be seen climbing trees to escape dogs and coyotes.

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