How the Skunk Got Its Smell
Maggie, Age 13, Seth, WV

Once upon a time there was a man who lived in the woods with his wife Frances, his daughters Carol and Sandy, and his dog Butch.

They were all alone in the woods and didn't have any neighbors at all. Every day the man and his dog went hunting. The man was a great hunter. He killed everything he laid eyes on until one day when unexpected visitor came along.

It was a Monday and as usual Frances got dinner ready while the kids just came in the door, back from school, and her husband James got home from work.

They ate dinner and James said that he wanted to go hunting to get some deer because they were low on food and winter was just around the corner. So James and Butch went hunting. His wife made him a lunch and off she sent them.

They finally got to were they wanted to hunt and James sat down, waiting. Butch just laid down on the ground. They sat and sat and sat some more until James heard something. He looked up and saw the biggest deer he had ever saw.

Quietly got out his gun and held it up but as soon as he got up the deer darted away. It couldn't have been from any sounds because James was very quiet. And it wasn't Butch because he was sleeping so what could it have been?

He decided to walk around and see what could have disturbed the deer. As he walked over there he saw something black and white. As he got closer he saw what it was it was a SKUNK! The man quickly picked up the skunk (back then it didn't have a smell). He put it in the fire and let it burn. As it was burning he put a curse on all of the skunks. He said that all skunks would have the strongest smell ever. Don't ask me where he got the curse from but since then every skunk that has lived has smelled.

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