Kick Flip
Michael, Age 13, Ashford, WV

Hi, my name is Rodney Mullen. Today I'm gonna tell you about the day I did the kick flip for the first time in history. A kick flip is a trick in which you kick your skateboard a certain way to make it do a corkscrew flip in the air then you land back on the board.

OK, now I know a kick flip doesn't really sound like much but when you're the first person in history to do it, then it's a big deal.

I was doing my usual routine, you know, a fakie flip here, a nollie there. My basic thing, but then I decided to do a pop shuv-it. I accidentally put my foot in the wrong place and made the board do the first ever kick flip!

Soon I began to perfect the kick flip by giving myself more accuracy in landing on the board and making the board flip faster.

I then entered a competition and did the kick flip and everyone went berserk.

"What's that trick called?"
"Oohh, he's good."

''What's his name?"

Now, I am a pro skater with a partnership with brand name skateboards. I'm also featured on Hawk's Pro Skater Video Games. Who knows, maybe I'll have my own video game someday?

Oh yeah, I also invented more than twenty other tricks like the impossible 'the casper' and 'anti-casper', the heel flip, and the nollie flip under flip, just to name a few.


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