Penguin and Fish
Jacob, Age 12, Ashford, WV

One day, Penguin and his friend Fish were going to Antarctica. When they got there they decided to build a house. They felt all types of sticks and mud and used the strongest to build their house. So they did and they had fun building their house.
After they finished they smelled lots of different kinds of food and tasted the ones that did not stink. They had a great life there so they decided to stay.

They heard something walking and making lots of noise. When they looked it was the evil Tiki man. They left their island paradise in Antarctica and went back to their own island.

Penguin decided that paradise could be a trap and he told Fish. Then Fish said, "That's right bro". So they went back to their own island to be safe again from the Tiki man. Fish was so excited about going home.

The only reason they escaped the Tiki man was because of their five senses.


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