Simon the Brave
Brandon, Age 13, Seth, WV

 Once upon a time there was a kingdom that had a dragon problem. The dragons had already destroyed the village. There were fire, ice and acid dragons. They were trying to attack the castle but they couldn't touch it because it was surrounded by a shield built by the Einstein Gang. The fort was called Fort Ogre.

The shield was made of titan metal, the strongest mineral of that time. The fort was mounted with a total of 22 guns and missiles.

After 25 years, the shield disappeared. When the dragons finally came, two days after the shield went down, they destroyed everything except the King, Queen and Simon, their best soldier. Over the next year the Einstein Gang taught Simon to be as quick as a cheetah, quiet as a mouse, and as powerful as a gorilla.

Three years later, Simon was ready. He set out on a journey. First, he would fight the acid dragon. Simon carefully sneaked past the dragon and grabbed the orb.

Next, was the fire dragon. He had lava minions. Simon ran and grabbed the orb.

Finally, the ice dragon was next. He also had minions. Simon ran very carefully and grabbed the orb. But, on the way back Simon got froze. The fire orb melted the ice.

Once he got them back he gave the orbs to the King. The three orbs turned into one. The orb glowed and pointed in a direction, so the King went to the direction. The orb led the King to a cave, which had a sphere-shaped hole. The King put the orb in the hole and everything started to glow. Then, everything turned back to normal. Simon the Brave had saved the Kingdom.

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