Sarah's Stars

Eoin Colfer. Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident
Scholastic, ISBN 0-439-45070-5  $6.00  277 pg.

Artemis Fowl is at it again, with another perilous plan. It is an idea
which, if it fails, may be the end of Artemis and the LEPrecon agents. He
is going to attempt the rescue of his father. And did Artemis really expect
to manage this feat without running into the fairies? This time it's not
only Butler who must take physical action. If he wants his father back,
Artemis is going to need the aid of the fairies. That's a twist. Will they
be able to work together after all the hatred which has built up between
them? How far will Artemis himself go to rescue one of the only people he
loves? With the best (or should I say worst??) criminal mastermind and the
fairies together, they make an unconquerable group, but will they join

Eoin Colfer's second book is just as amazing as his first. I could not put
it down. Every sentence made me want to read more.... Another five star


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