The Battle of All Battles
Garrett, Age 12, Ashford, WV

Hello, let me tell you the story of how a young man gave his life for his own son.

It happened a long time ago, when a young man, Nathaniel, met a young woman, named Mary, at a medieval fair. Nathaniel wanted to dance with her, but he was too afraid to ask. When he finally gathered up the courage and asked if he could dance with Mary, she answered yes. So they danced all night long, and soon fell in love.
After a year they got married and around another year later they had a little baby boy named Darius.

As time progressed, it became apparent that Darius had inherited his father's ability with the sword. When Darius' father Nathaniel saw young Darius swinging the sword around easily, and since Nathaniel was a knight, he decided to train Darius as his apprentice. After that Nathaniel went to town and told everyone about Darius's handling ability of a sword. Soon the king got word of this young boy with great potential. The king demanded to see the boy and his father at the palace.
When they went to see the king, he asked if Nathaniel would train the boy until he was 12 years old. Nathaniel said that he had already taken Darius as his apprentice. The King approved of Nathaniel's decision.

When they returned home Mary was dead, lying on her bed with a dagger stabbed through her heart. Nathaniel and Darius both had tears running down their cheeks. A note beside her said, " I want to meet the boy Darius when he is ready to fight me. I'll be waiting in a cave inside the mountain side."

Darius and Nathaniel were both furious, and began Darius' training immediately. Darius, with the fury of his lost mother driving him for perfectionism, soon began to show great improvement. Before long Darius was better with the sword than his father Nathaniel had ever been.

When Darius first started his training he was seven, by the time his training was complete he was twelve. Nathaniel took Darius to the castle to show the king how much he had improved. The king was pleased with young Darius' improvement, and asked Darius if he wished to become a knight and fight alongside his father, and help to protect the kingdom.

Darius was pleased with the king's proposal and answered yes. But first Darius asked if he could go fight the one who had killed his mother, so that he may defend his mother's honor. The king asked Darius to explain. Darius told him that, five years ago, after he had returned from his majesty's palace, they had found his mother dead on her bed. The king interrupted by asking if there was a dagger stabbed through her heart with a note beside her wishing to do battle with you when you were ready to fight him. Darius was astonished at how much the king knew about it, and demanded how he had so much knowledge of his mother's death. The king replied that the stories of a mythical but evil dragon killed a young boy's mother a thousand years ago, and asked to fight that boy. The boy went to fight him and was killed by the dragon. This had happened several of times, with different people. Legend says that the dragon tries to find the boy who will kill him, eventually. The king also said, that Darius should try his hardest to kill the dragon.

Darius and Nathaniel left the palace to get ready. Then they left to go where the dragon had told them to go and soon found themselves at the entrance of the dragon's lair. Darius walked in cautiously with his father. As they entered, they could hear a grunting sound. They followed the noise.

They walked in on the dragon asleep, and were astonished at how the dragon looked. It was in the shape of a human, but it had wings, and its face was elongated and green.
When Darius spoke to his father, the dragon awoke, smiling demonically. It stood up, towering over the two, and said, "Are you ready to fight me?"

Darius walked over to the dragon and said, "Fight me, demon."

The dragon reached in his stomach and pulled out a blob of skin that materialized into a sword. Darius pulled out his sword, and they clashed swords. At first, the dragon seemed to be overpowered by Darius, but as the battle waged on, the dragon was starting to gain on Darius.

But suddenly Nathaniel jumped in and pushed Darius backwards, and began to battle with the dragon. Nathaniel was way less trained in the art of sword fighting than the dragon. As Nathaniel was about to be killed by the dragon, he told Darius to hurry up and kill the dragon. As soon as Nathaniel got those words out, the dragon clashed swords with Nathaniel, and twirled around and stabbed him in the stomach.

Darius was so mad that he jumped up, twirled around in mid-air and sliced the dragon in half. The dragon's spirit shot straight up, and then shot into the ground.

After Darius had time to cope with the loss of his father, he wandered over to some jars with lights in them. He opened one of them, and the light shot straight at Nathaniel. Nathaniel woke up, and was as good as new. They both then opened up the other jars left. All the lights that the dragon had collected shot everywhere. Nathaniel found a spell book, and looked inside. There was a spell that said,"All that is required to have unheard of powers and strength that matches the power of 100 men put together, is 10 spirits and this spell. The dragon had left 8 spirits. They would need 2 more.

Since the dragon had killed Mar, they went home to meet her. When they got home, she opened the door and greeted them home.

Well, that's my story. If you are wondering what happened to Darius, Nathaniel, and Mary: they had another child, and Darius is a royal knight for the king. Darius is currently planning to train Etheian, when he turns seven years old.

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