The Titanic
Shaina, Age 12, Delavan, WI

The beautiful mountainous majesty,
called "The Unsinkable Ship" was she.
The Titanic, the wondrous maiden ship,
was unto the ocean set free.

Borne upon waves, to meet watery graves,
the people aboard did not know.
As they set out to sea, alive and free,
after winter's confining snow.

But the ice berg wasn't melted in the weak spring heat.
It lived long enough for its task to complete.
To strike at the ship,
On her maiden voyage trip,
That was its terrible feat.

It clawed at the hull
Which looked like a barren skull,
Ripping and tearing the flesh.

The ship started to moan
as its hull, hard as stone,
was ripped and bent like mere mesh.

The water crept in like a cat on the prowl,
The ship made a din, the skull now bearing a scowl.

The water flowed like silk, but its power was stronger.
It knew the ship couldn't stand much longer.

The iceberg crept silently through the deep black.
To the sinking ship, turned its back.
Oblivious to the cries of those trying to flee,
the monster slid back to its home in the sea.

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