Why the Penguin Can't Fly
Garrett, Age 12, Ashford, WV

When time started, the penguin was able to fly. He would fly up with the other birds all day long. Penguin was by far the fastest bird when they flew together. But he would brag about how he was the greatest bird to ever fly. Well, after awhile the birds had had about all they could take of him. So they made up a plan to get him back.

So one day all the birds found penguin, and challenged him to a race across the world. On the day of the race they all showed up, including penguin. They started at West Virginia, and were over top of the Southpole, when one of the birds hit penguin in the back of the head so hard that he fell to the ground and was out cold. Penguin finally awoke to find himself lying on the ground with a big lump on the back of his head.

Well, he eventually figured out what the other birds had done, so he tried to fly back up in the air to catch up with the other birds. It was no use, for he fell back down to the ground. But the reason that he couldn't fly was because they had hit him so hard that he had forgotten how to fly. So since he couldn't fly, he just lived there, and eventually adapted to the customs of living in the South Pole.


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