Why the Sky Is Blue
Jared, Age 12, Seth, WV

Long ago the sky was clear and it was happy. But then people would come with clothes in all kinds of colors and the sky was just clear.

One day, when the people were at a get-together, the sky said "You all have color and I don't!"

One man told the sky it should accept what kind of color he was. But that did not calm the sky.

There was one man who was not there at the get-together. That man owned an ink shop at the end of town.

The people went to get him to see if he could do anything for the sky. The man said that he could certainly do something but it would take two days.

Two days later the people gathered in the park. The man brought a tube of some kind of ink. He threw it into the air and there it busted and splashed all over the sky, turning it blue.

That is how it turned blue. And the sky was happy ever after.

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