Rats and Cats Do Get Along
Tom, Age 11, Mishawaka, IN

There once was a rat named Symon Jangles Waidner. He had a friend, a cat named Gizmo Lee Fleefers. They were very good friends. They would play on the swings, jump, play video games and board games. But one day there came some cats that made fun of them saying "Rats and Cats Don't Get Along!"

Gizmo took this personal. He was sad and cried a lot. Then one day Symon, and Gizmo made up a brilliant plan that would blow these mean cats away. This is what the plan was. The cats would come strolling down the sidewalk. Then, once they start teasing Gizmo, they would pull a string tripping them. This would make them go into a wagon. They would go strolling down the sidewalk. Then there would be soapy water that would pour all over them. Then they would be dumped into a lake. Then they would never be made fun of again!

Then they did so, and it worked. Everybody was so happy for them and those mean ol' cats turned into great citizens.

Then they were able to go and do what they originally did together. They were so proud of themselves. Well, they did some new things they did like go to the park, ride bikes, and play basketball. They made some new friends, too. One was named Odis, he was a cat, and the other was Jessy James, a rat. They all had common lives just like ordinary kids. They were happy, they all had lots of fun. They played all the time but one day there was a dog. He was nicknamed Shredder. He was mean to everybody. Nobody liked him. His own mom and dad were scared of him. Everybody ran and hid from him once he took a step forward. He had rotten teeth. His collar was spiked. He had dirt from head to toe. He always chased cats and tried to bite them. But once he got near water he would run away.

Gizmo, Symon, Jessy James, and Odis were all playing one day and all of the sudden Shredder came up to them and started teasing them and calling them names. Gizmo, Symon, Jessy James, and Odis thought of a plan that would get rid of Shredder for good.

This is what the plan was: they were going to tease Shredder, making him chase after them. Then they would go to the big lake. But just as soon as Ol' Shredder turned around they would squirt him with water guns making him jump into the lake. They did so and it worked.

Then Shredder was so mad he didn't know what to do so. He started crying. Shredder was a crying away. The friends couldn't believe there eyes. They started laughing so hard that they almost fell in the water themselves. Ever since what happened that day nobody ever messed with them ever again. Everybody was so happy that for Shredder a whole different life started. Everybody was happy that Shredder started off a whole new life. Those cats, and rats they became a legend.

Ever since that day, any cat or rat people see they don't mess with them because "Rats and Cats Do get along!"


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