Sarah's Stars

Joe Upton. Runaways on the Inside Passage
Alaska Northwest Books, ISBN 0-88240-565-9  $9.95  301pg.

David and Annie's mother gambles, and she drinks. When the children come home one day and find the furniture gone, apart from two sleeping bags and several boxes of clothes, things do not look good. After some spaghetti, they bunk down for the night. In the morning, the heat is off. When the landlord comes and finds them alone he calls the police. Annie packs up David and herself and leaves, so that they aren't caught and packed off to separate foster homes. They find Lars Hansen, an old sailing friend of their father's, and decide to head up north and find their father in time for Christmas.

Runaways on the Inside Passage is an adventure novel for young adults. Joe Upton has created authentic characters that the reader is able to "see" and understand. "In Runaways on the Inside Passage the dream of going north is fully realized, grandly achieved, and presented in the proper adventuring spirit. This book has much to say to young adults about freedom, self-knowledge and courage." -- David Guterson, author of Snow Falling on Cedars. I thought that Runaways on the Inside Passage was a very well written and moving book.


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