Sorry Forever
Molly, Age 11, Rocky Mount, VA

She got into her car,
A cherry red mustang.
It was freezing,
and she drove while she sang.
Highway twenty-one,
was dark, and she couldn't see.
She did not realize the horror
her life was soon to be.
A flashing light blinded her
But only for a while,
When she could see again,
Her car had travelled for a mile.
crashed into icy water,
She drowned from it all,
And even though someone could help,
Her life had already taken its fall.
They told her family,
Her best friend, too.
The man who was responsible,
They had no courage to sue.
It's been a year now,
He's learned his lesson the hard way,
And the words he should have said,
There's no woman for him to say.
He goes every Thursday
To lay flowers at her grave,
And he wishes every Thursday
Her life he had saved.
But also, a prayer
For this drunk driver,
to say again, never.
If I could talk to her,
I'd tell her I'm Sorry Forever.

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