Eagle Island
Delaney, Age 7, Vernon, BC

Once upon a nest in Canada far away above a river lived a mother eagle with her egg. Mother eagle spread her wings and took off to find a worm. While Mother eagle was away her egg hatched and out popped a baby eagle. Baby Eagle looked up and looked down. She looked everywhere but she couldn't find her mother.

So Baby Eagle decided to look for her mother. She spread her wings and took off. Then she spotted a hunter. Baby hid in the grass and the hunter walked right by the grass that Baby Eagle hid in.

Baby Eagle crept out of the grass and kept looking for mother eagle. Finally Baby Eagle found mother eagle with a worm. Baby and mother Eagle went to find more worms. As they hunted a big eagle flew out at them.

Mother eagle took one look at the daddy eagle and her and Baby Eagle flew away to an island called Eagle Island!

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