Brittany, Age 10, Vernon, BC

Arielle is my horse's name,
She is very beautiful and tame.

Pintos have a lot of patches,
of brown and white splashes.

Arabians are almost all white,
Sometimes they're scared at night.

Thoroughbreds are very fast,
They make you wink when they pass.

Appaloosas have a lot of spots,
Sometimes they get little dots.

Palominos should be told
That they look very, very gold.

I know a Quarter horse named Misty,
She can sometimes be a sissy.

Chrys is an Appaloosa's name,
She is very beautiful and tame.

She just likes to stand there,
and doesn't like to go anywhere.

Arielle likes to gallop a lot,
She sometimes likes to even trot.

You have to brush a horse with a comb,
And now I will end my poem.

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